On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, at 6:00PM, personnel from the Union County Division of Elections will attend a Self-Advocates’ meeting at The Center for Family Support’s (CFS) Day Program site, located at 2333 Morris Ave., Suite D-107 in Union.  The Self-Advocates will have the chance to cast their votes on an actual voting machine that will be used in the upcoming November elections.

This seminar will give the adults with intellectual disabilities a chance to meet and speak with their local election officials, who will answer questions about the upcoming Election Day.  Other topics such as registering to vote, mail in ballots and where to vote, will be discussed.

“It is important for our adults to know that they have a right to cast their vote and have their voice heard.  This workshop will give them a chance to meet personnel from the Union County Election Office, to see the equipment in person, and to have the opportunity to use it before Election Day so they are familiar with the steps needed to cast their vote.  We are very appreciative that the Union County Election Office has provided us with this valuable training session,” explained Donna Messina, CFS Director of Program Services.

The CFS individuals with intellectual disabilities run the CFS Self-Advocate Groups.  They were formed to give each adult a voice about their future choices such as where they wish to live, what type of work they enjoy and leisure time activities.  They meet monthly and have election of officers on an annual basis.


Additional Photos From Voter Training Day