“Simple, I want to do my part to limit the devastating effects this pandemic has had on us all! I want to ensure that if I am exposed to COVID-19, I have extra protection to fight against this deadly virus! Lastly, I want out! I do not believe that we will return to life as we knew it, but I desperately want to return to a new life, one where I can safely visit my family and friends and most importantly, I want to be able to continue to explore the world and create new experiences with my four-year-old.

Trust me, I get it! I understand that as minorities in this country, we have not always received fair treatment, but I urge everyone to do their research and make an informed decision based on facts and science! Whatever your decision, I pray for your continued health and hope to see you on the other side…OUTSIDE!”

– Diana, Associate Director of Community Services

As of March 5, approximately 183 staff and 125 people supported at CFS have been vaccinated so far and we continue to make appointments.

More info here: https://cfsny.org/covid-19-vaccine/.