Virtual Supports

The Pillars of Wellness-Innovative Certificate Series:

The Pillars of Wellness series will be held from January 1st-March 31st. It will focus on four areas of a person’s wellbeing which include financial wellness, social wellness, emotional wellness and physical wellness. You must receive services from The Center for Family Support to part-take in any of these classes. At its duration, each CFS participant will receive a certificate of completion.

1. Emotional, Physical, Financial and Social Combine Series “Healthy Mind Healthy Body”– This weekly class will be held every Wednesday. It will focus on managing anxiety and stress as well as approaches to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. It will provide strategies for maintaining a positive emotional balance through drama, music and the arts. During this time, stability in all the wellness areas is essential. Join us weekly with an open mind.
Facilitator: Jen Pires

Meeting ID: 921 9631 7448
Passcode: 837628

Supported Employment- Covid 19 Certificate Series:

2. The Keep it Moving series will occur 2 times weekly, held from January 1st-March 31st. If you are enrolled in SEMP services with The Center for Family Support, this series is recommended for you. If you are receiving Access VR services or in the process of enrollment this ongoing series provides support and current employment preparation for either obtaining a job or enhancing your career goals with your current job. We are enhancing your skills to be prepared for up to date interviewing during Covid 19. The focus is always on safety and role playing for interviewing as well as enhancing customer service skills. The new norm focuses on phone and video interviews. The group supports each other regardless of what stage of employment everyone is at. At the end of the series everyone receives certificates that can be given to current employer or potential employers. The group “keeps it moving” by maintaining daily routine and staying on top of current employment needs and changes. Skills that are obtained in the group have been proven to increase confidence and employment skills. The group will also use break out rooms for group assignments and role playing. Certificates are recommended for use on resumes.

Facilitator: Cristina Perera & Jen Pires
Registration Link:

The Center for Family Support Groups

The groups below are open to CFS service recipients and staff only. Individual descriptions for each group should be reviewed prior to attending to ensure the group is right for you. All groups will be held from January 1st-March 31st. Please enroll with the service recipient and staffs FULL name using the registration links provided.

1. DBT Group– In this weekly group, individuals will learn about Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). It shows individuals how his/her thoughts, feelings, and behaviors influence each other. The DBT group focuses on learning helpful skills in four key area: 1. Mindfulness, accepting the present as it is; 2. Increasing a person’s tolerance of negative emotions, rather than trying to escape from them; 3. Learning strategies that help individuals manage their emotions instead of letting their emotions manage them, and 4. Reinforcing interpersonal skills and learning to interact with others.

Facilitator: Arnaldo Giraldo
Registration Link:

2. Ladies Group– Ladies Group, was created about a year ago by DSP Deyanelin Galvez, whose goal was to create a safe circle of ladies who through friendship building would bond and support one another as well as create new memories together. Now as we have transitioned the group to virtually meeting bi-weekly via zoom, the club has continued to be a success. If you are interested in attending, please happily join in on our fun.

Facilitator: Deyanelin Galvez
Registration Link:

3. Men’s Group– Men’s Group will be held bi-weekly discussing topics that are important to the group members. We invite all to attend who are interested.

Facilitator: Rosie Abreu
Registration Link:

4. Nutrition and Self-Care Group– In this group, we will learn not only what foods are healthy for our body but also adventure and learn more about foods not spoken about throughout the world.

Facilitator: Yolanda Rodriguez
Registration Link:

5. The Magic of Music Group– This music appreciation group will focus on different genres of music. The group will be meeting bi-weekly to display musical talents. If you have an instrument, sing, or want to enjoy some musical fun, we encourage you to attend this group.

Facilitators: Rosie Abreu & Scott Borenstein
Registration Link:

6. Laughing Meditation Group– This is a bi-weekly group that will focus on laughing techniques to better improve mental and physical health. We encourage storytelling, jokes and participation from all. Come laugh with us in a light hearted and fun atmosphere. We will be introducing puppets to encourage you to use your imagination.

Facilitator: Tamiko Hill & Julio
Registration Link:

7. Transitions Group– Transitions topics will be guided by the individuals who attend. It is an open floor and safe place for discussion. Together the group will touch on current events. Facilitators will provide comfort and guidance.

Facilitator: Arnaldo Giraldo, Meril Brandt, Brittney Riley
Registration Link:

8. Praise Group– Come with an open mind to learn and share. Different forms of praise and worship are welcome. Praise group welcomes all.

Facilitator: Meril Brandt
Meeting ID: 942 3732 4776
Passcode 010384

9. Cinema Adventures– This group comes together to embark on adventures through movies. We watch various movie classics and enjoy a fun movie trivia game once the movie is over..come join us. Grab your popcorn, sit back and relax…

Facilitator: Melissa Hanna
Registration Link:

10. Art Exploration– This class brings out the joy and imagination in us all… we discover our inner passion and Express ourselves in unique ways. No two pieces are the same and that’s the true beauty… Come join us for the colder months and holiday season for some crafting fun!

Facilitator: Melissa Hanna
Registration Link:

11. CFS Family Bingo– Join us for a fun filled night of Bingo with your family, staff and friends! Please pre-print your BINGO card prior to attending. Not held each week! Please make sure to register to find out what Friday’s this will be held!

Facilitator: Linda Schellenberg
Registration Link:

12. Zooming with Sunset– Buckle up and come join Sunset Residence for a bi-weekly adventure. Each group will be different and exciting!

Facilitator: Erica Vassell & Nickeema Johnson & ADVOCATES OF SUNSET RESIDENCE
Registration Link:

13. It Takes a Village– Join us 1x monthly to talk about what it takes to be a caregiver support group. This is a group for all CFS advocates who are caring for another. Welcoming all mothers, brothers, uncles, aunts, siblings, roommates… IT TAKES A VILLAGE.

Facilitator: Rosemary DeClaro & Jen Pires
Registration Link:

14. Coffee Clutch– Join us 1x monthly on with your cup in hand for a nice mid-day chat..the floor is yours. We can’t wait to gather together.

Facilitator: Rosemary DeClaro
Registration Link:

The Center for Family Support Clubs

The Center for Family Support has established clubs specifically designed to build social interactions amongst the people we support. Individual descriptions for each club should be reviewed prior to attending to ensure the club is right for you. Clubs will be held on Zoom starting January 1st-March 31st. Please enroll with FULL name using the registration links provided. Please be specific if you receive CFS services.

1. Poetry Club– This club will meet bi-weekly to discuss different forms of poetry and learn about various poets. Club members will explore their feelings and emotions to create expressive words to establish their own group pieces. Through collaboration and dedication the club will work together to release their accomplished pieces one by one for all to appreciate!

Facilitators: Debra Powers, Melissa Hanna
Registration Link:

2. NY & NJ Advocacy Club- The Center for Family Support has three advocacy chapters including Self-Starters, NJ Self Advocacy, and Strong Island Voices. We are excited to bring together all CFS advocacy chapters virtually during this time. Join us bi-weekly to discuss ways to stay active in advocacy and give back during this time. We are looking forward to connecting advocates amongst both states!

Facilitators:: Debra Powers, Nadine Daley
Registration Link:

3. Book Club- Book Club will meet bi-weekly to read and discuss books of interest to the group. You do not need to be able to read to attend. All abilities welcome.

Facilitator: Nadine Daley, Deyanelin Galvez
Registration Link:

4. Karaoke With a Twist/Choir- Do you have a voice that worth being heard? Come showcase your skills at Karaoke/Choir club! Come with your favorite songs in mind to take the stage and shine! We are excited to announce The Center for Family Support will be reinstating the CFS Choir virtually, right here on ZOOM! We can’t wait to bring the voices of CFS NJ & NY together! This club will meet bi-weekly! Come join the fun!

Facilitator: Tamara Rouse, Jen Pires
Registration Link: