Since January of 2021, CFS Behaviorist Kathy Gvardijan has been leading bi-weekly art therapy groups at our Hackensack Day Program. There are usually about 10-12 participants who have dubbed themselves “The Art Club”. Everyone has input as to which projects they will create. Sometimes this results in a theme which correlates to the seasons, or a Holiday coming, or sometimes just a favorite color. Music is played as the participants create, and are encouraged in the process of making art.

This is what sets this Art Club apart — the focus on the process, rather than the product. In the art-making process, recipients slow down and draw from the deep well of creativity within themselves. Creating becomes much like mindfulness where being in the present moment is the focus. In this way process oriented art-making becomes therapeutic and deeply satisfying. Sharing their projects with their friends, family, and staff members invokes joy and deeper connection. We are proud to share a few pieces from our Art Club’s process over the past year in the below gallery!

The group is open to new members – no previous art experience or skill is required! Join us!

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View The Art Club’s Artwork