Direct Support Professionals- Donna & Lauren- work with Kieran in Community Habilitation. They are collaborative in their efforts; they communicate and share ideas.

When Lauren dressed as Mrs. Claus for a hospital children’s event, Donna brought Kieran so see her. When Kieran was nominated and won a school spirit award, both Donna & Lauren went with him to the event. Kieran’s teacher made a beautiful speech about how much he has grown, his excitement for school, and his friendliness and demeanor with peers and teachers. They cheered Kieran on as he walked across the stage by himself to receive his award.

Donna helped Kieran prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation and he also selected Donna to be his sponsor for the special event. This was a big accomplishment for Kieran and a very special day shared with family and friends.

Thank you both for all you do! You are special to Kieran and very important to CFS too!