Winston Alexander, lived at the Hale IRA in Brooklyn, since 2009. Winston is a very independent man, who maintains a level of productivity & cleanliness. Winston always preferred to live within his own space. He has kept steady employment, and has an active social life. It was assessed & determined that Winston was ready & would benefit from living in his own space- as he was highly independent, hard- working, and would definitely keep it up. One of Winston’s peers moved out & impressed upon Winston how happy he was, as well as the levels of support he still received. Winston also began to attend our Transition Support Group meetings, in which we discuss the transition process (moving from 1 setting to the next). Winston’s concerns were addressed, and his separation anxiety relieved. Winston eagerly accepted the offer to move into the Livonia Supportive Apts. Winston was so excited the day he received the keys to his apartment. On 3/1/16 Winston, accompanied by Innovative Planning Specialist Le’Grayce Brown, eagerly went grocery shopping, as well as visited other local resources- introducing himself & becoming familiar with the new neighborhood & environment. Winston’s independence & self- confidence levels evidently soar these days. He is often overheard boasting about his new place, how happy he is there, and will welcome you to visit.