Haisha Nieves-Cruz is a valued member of The Center for Family Support’s (CFS) New Jersey Hackensack Day Program. She also utilizes CFS Career Planning and Supported Employment services as well.

On September 24, 2019, Haisha was a guest speaker at the CFS Foundation Annual Golf Outing held at Edgewood Country Club in Rivervale, NJ. Haisha did a fantastic job talking to the large group, keeping their full interest (and garnering a few laughs as well) while telling her story of success in her own words.

A great speech and a lovely dinner wasn’t the end of the night for Haisha. She was also lucky enough to be one of our big raffle winners! In addition to a magazine subscription, Haisha’s number was pulled to win two tickets to see Dancing with the Stars at Foxwoods Casino Resort in Connecticut. As a huge fan of the show on TV, Haisha told everyone at her table that this was a “dream come true”! She can’t wait to attend the show with her mom.

CFS couldn’t be happier for Haisha and her success both in life and at the Golf Outing! We thank her for all the time she put into preparing for her speech and the great job she did telling her tale. Well done Haisha and congratulations!