Rosemary has been providing Community Habilitation services to Wasiq for the past decade. She has been a constant source of support in his life and this has fostered a strong bond with both Wasiq as well as with his mother. Rosemary will accommodate unforeseen circumstances to the best of her ability; on days that his mother is ill, she has gone to their apartment early in the morning to assist Wasiq with breakfast and to get him dressed and off to school.

Rosemary ensures that she gets Wasiq outside for fresh air for at least a half hour every day she is with him (weather permitting.) She supports active participation in the community by researching wheelchair accessible activities, places, and events. They have been to car shows, movies, museums, and have traveled together into the city too.

Rosemary encourages Wasiq to socialize and be a part of his community. Rosemary’s loving heart and dedication are evident in all that she does with this family. According to his mom, Wasiq is happier and more motivated with his goals since Rosemary started working with him.

According to Wasiq, Rosemary is simply his best friend.