During the year, Donna gets Kieran off the bus after school. They work on goals to increase his communication skills and independence at home and in the community. They also work on socialization goals. Donna takes Kieran to his dances, sports, and other events. They also enjoy seasonal activities, like visiting holiday displays and looking at Christmas lights.

This summer, they have gone to the Long Island Aquarium, the Queens Zoo, Adventureland Amusement Park, and the Tiki Action Park. They also visited with friends and went swimming a lot, which is one of Kieran’s favorite things to do!

They work well together – Kieran can be silly and Donna has a great sense of humor; he can test boundaries and she has a patient demeanor. Donna fosters Kieran’s growth and development by recognizing how to adapt her teaching styles to best suit his learning needs. She also takes into consideration the transitions he is going through at his age. Donna knows how to re-direct Kieran without embarrassing him; she is sensitive to his feelings and to his happiness foremost. And she knows how to have fun!

Thank you, Donna, for all you do!