Dorcas works as a Direct Support Professional in our Crotona Residence. She is kind, compassionate, and patient.

Dorcas demonstrates the ability to effectively teach skills to the individuals she supports because she takes the time to get to know them and to seek out their unique potential. This was especially the case when Dorcas realized that one of our residents – Tianna – has difficulties with reading. Dorcas immediately offered her assistance, reassuring Tianna that “[she] will learn how to read and [that Dorcas] would be there to assist [her].” True to her word, Dorcas began reading with Tianna the very next day despite Tianna’s apprehensions and even though English is not Dorcas’ native language. No obstacle has wavered her dedication to Tianna and this reliability has set the framework for the trusting and comfortable relationship they have formed.

Dorcas’ informal and non-judgmental teaching style has built up Tianna’s self-confidence. Her reliability, positive attitude, and passion to help others is truly remarkable.