Deyanelin has worked with Theresa for just under a year and, in this short time, she has become “family” to Theresa.

Deyanelin has helped Theresa to improve and maintain her progression with many goals, such as keeping her apartment clean, keeping up with laundry, paying her bills on time, and scheduling and attending appointments. She reminds Theresa to take her medication and she reinforces healthy lifestyle choices, such as going to the gym with Theresa for exercise. Deyanelin knows Theresa well and understands that some days are better than others. Deyanelin offers counseling and extra support and care when its needed, whether the situation is goal related or personal to Theresa.

Examples of her dedication range from advocating for Theresa when she was experiencing problems with her building management to celebrating Theresa’s birthday with her. She provides advice but, most importantly, Deyanelin helps Theresa navigate her options to make the best decisions for herself and she motivates and assists Theresa to be as independent as possible.

Deyanelin’s patience and dedicated work ethic make her a great Direct Support Professional.