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Fiscal Intermediary for Self-Directed Services

CFS SDS utilizes various OPWDD opportunities to help meet individuals needs in a truly person-centered way. Our approach allows individuals to participate in community-based opportunities of choice as well as in home learning. As an FI we look forward to providing billing and administrative support for individuals and families that choose self-direction. We also look to be a meaningful part of your circle to give life to your vision of self-directed services. If you are interested, please contact us!

   Click here for our FI flyer with contact information and fringe benefits explanation.

   Click here for presentation on Intro to Self Direction.

Family Launch Information & Forms

Please click on the appropriate PDF link, download and save to your computer. Click on the Family Launch Document Bundle to download a zipped file of all the forms to your computer.

Manual Visit Verification Attendance Form

Please complete this form if you need us to add or edit a visit for SDS CH or SDS Respite.


  1. Self Direction Guidance for Providers
  2. IDGS Chart
  3. Self Direction – gives you flexibility to choose the mix of supports and services that are right for you.
  4. Addendum A.11 Individual Directed Goods and Services (IDGS) Definitions Chart – Office for People With Developmental Disabilities
    IDGS Chart Addendum A.11 8/1/2017 Page 2 of 12 Coaching/ education for parent(s), spouse and advocates involved in the person’s self-directed services No IDGS funding is for Parent/Spouse/Advocate to attend/participate in educational opportunities.

New Hire Process

CFS will begin the hire process only for staff who have been directly referred by a family who has been approved or is in approval process with us. Our process includes the required background checks, pre-employment physical, and online orientation. CFS HR staff will initiate the process with staff via email. To access our agency employment application staff can utilize the link below to complete via Adobe Sign.

Evero Trainings and Resources

CFS SDS utilizes EVERO software for all Self Direction programs.

Individuals and families will be given access to EVERO to upload Invoices for reimbursement, approve staff time, and access documents including budgets, staff action plans and track expenditures. Review recorded webex video’s for families on how to access EVERO portal and how to Approve staff time on EVERO portal.

 Instructions for Evero Parent Portal
 Monthly Summary Process for Parents
 Individual/Family Portal User Guide

Individual Parent Approval of Staff Time Training Video


Staff will be given access to EVERO once hired. Staff will need to punch in and out and enter sessions on EVERO. Review recorded webex for staff on how to use the Digital Agency and
   Evero Staff Training Digital Agency

Staff Training on Digital Agency Video

EVERO Mobile App Staff Training – January 7th, 2021

CFSSDS Broker Training

Please review the below training document which includes PRAISE, Corporate Compliance, OSHA and HIPPA.

Once you review the training, please click the Adobe form to sign the training attestation.  You will receive a copy of this attestation for your records.

CLICK HERE to sign Training Attestation.

SDS Broker Meeting – January 4, 2021

SDS Broker Training – August 12, 2020

Vendor Information

For us to pay vendor directly, we will need a W-9 form completed. Please click below to complete this form via Adobe sign.

Also if you are requesting direct deposit (ACH), please click the link below to complete this via adobe sign. You will need to attach a voided check.   Adobe Sign ACF

CFS SD Family & Staff Meetings

CFS’ Self-Directed Services Team conduicts Family Meetings  to cover an array of topics.

Individual Family Meeting COVID 19 Vaccine
January 8th, 2021

Watch the September 25th Individual/Family
Meeting Below

Watch the September 11th Individual/Family
Meeting Below

Watch the August 28th Family Meeting Below

The topic for the August 28th Family Metting was Strategies and Considerations for Hiring Self Hired Staff.

CLICK HERE to download Linda Schellenberg’s presentation featured in the video.

Watch the August 14th Parent Meeting Below

Watch the August 13th SDS Self Hired
Staff Meeting Below

Watch the July 31st Family Meeting Below

Watch the July 10th Family Meeting Below

Watch the June 19th Family Meeting Below


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