The Self Advocacy Association of New York State (SANYS) wants you to know that this year is a big year for voting. SANYS and partners want to make sure that the people being served have the opportunity and support they might need to cast their vote.

Together with Disability Rights New York, OPWDD, the Board of Elections, the League of Women Voters, and self-advocates, SANYS has created documents, videos, and meeting opportunities to share with support staff and individuals.

SANYS knows these are trying times and being able to vote in this year’s election has more barriers than ever for people who rely on others for everyday support. Self-advocates seek support to promote the idea of staff and the people they serve making a plan ahead of time to vote, and making sure people have the correct information to do so.

Several materials are available on the SANYS website at such as easy guides to voting, helpful resources about candidates, ways to vote and links to register to vote, federal rights about voting, “My Plan to Vote 2020” and other information.