Let’s bust some myths about CDPAP

CDPAP can be used together with OPWDD programs like Self Direction, Community Habilitation, etc.

CDPAP does not use any of the Self Direction budget. CDPAP funding is completely separate from OPWDD.

CDPAP Consumers don’t need to have severe medical needs in order to be eligible for CDPAP. Instrumental activities of daily living like essential errands, cleaning, and laundry are examples of tasks covered in CDPAP.

This program is not for supervising or monitoring of the Consumer. CDPAP is a task based program.

There is no minimum age or maximum age for a Consumer to be eligible for CDPAP.

The Consumers health proxy is permitted to be the Personal Assistant.

If you have any questions about CDPAP feel free to contact for guidance.
Megan Shergill
Director of CDPAP Operations
Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc.
5 Bryant Park, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Main: 914-618-5906
Cell: 646-599-5343
Fax: 718-517-7645

Fire Safety Tips shared by FDNY at our 1-15-20 Workshop
  • If fire escape is rusted or not painted- call 311 for free inspection to ensure your escape is safe to be used.
  • For FREE Fire&CO alarm contact 877-RedCros. They will also come and install for you.
  • It is recommended to always have baking soda near stove in the event of a grease fire. That is the most effective way to put it out.
  • In a fire evacuation, close all doors behind you as you try to find a safe exit. Closing a wooden door can buy you up to 2 minutes of additional evacuation time.
  • Stuffing towels or clothing under door can help prevent smoke from entering the room.
  • Stay on ground & always have a hand on the wall to help find a window or door to exit. Smoke rises so the ground is the safest place to be.
  • Before opening a closed door in a fire- touch knob with the back of our hand to feel if the fire is active outside the room. Do not touch with palm/front of hand as you may get burned. You always want use of your grip during an emergency.