Remember the storm that hit New York and New Jersey as a result of Hurricane Ida a couple weeks ago?

One of the individuals we work with, Rasheem, won’t forget it soon, and neither will we. We are so impressed with his perseverance!

Rasheem, entered our SEMP (Supported Employment Program) program during Covid, and was hired last July after preparing for interviews through our “Keep it Moving” online group. He has been working at Home Goods on the Upper West Side for a little over a year.

On the day of the storm, Rasheem left for work, but found that the #2 subway train that he usually takes was completely flooded. He had to take multiple busses and finally got off at the 125th street station on the Eastside, and then walked through Central Park to cross over to the Westside to 96th street. The trip took him more than five hours! But he was determined to get there.

Unfortunately, the store was closed because of the flooding. But that didn’t deter Rasheem. Nor did the 3-hour commute returning home. He was ready to return to work as soon as the store re-opened and is now back at the store, elevating the spirits of the people he works with – and customers.

Rasheem’s manager has said how much she enjoys working with him! If he’s not having a great day, they talk and everything gets resolved. He’s an asset.

Rasheem absolutely loves his job and since he began working there, his confidence has improved tremendously. He says his employment specialist, Cristina, has been wonderful in encouraging and supporting him throughout his journey!