Congratulations to the amazing advocates who do so much at The Center for Family Support!

We are proud of each of them! And now… drumroll, please, we are delighted to announce the 2021 Advocate Awards!

Advocate of the Year:

Strong Island Voices- Theresa
New Jersey Self Advocacy-Johnny
NYC Self Starters-Kasheena

Go Getter Awards:

Started his own Virtual Support “Drama Club”- Anatolyi
Started her GED to further her education-Elisanta
Successfully finding and obtaining her own employment-Gracie
Co-host of the year in Virtual Supports for “Laughing Meditation”-Julio
Co-facilitated first in-person event “Nature Walk”- Sable

Leadership Awards:

Dedication to ART EXPLORATION by leading their own assignment-Mandy, Emily, & Will
Spearheading advocacy with her dedication to spreading information- Hope
Encouraging others to attend groups & his persistence in Book Club-Lenin