Paycom Training

Manager Screen
Log In – Client
Paycom Client Code 0sl11
Username – first initial of first name and last name (lschellenberg)
Password – paycom123 – then prompted to change

From the manager portal, you can switch to Employee Self Service

Paycom Mobile app has the Employee Self Service – ESS and Manager on the Go.

Please See the Employee Training Recap below:

1. Clock in Date is – TBD
a. As a result, please continue to utilize MITC to clock in and out.

2. In residential, instead of using the MITC biometric clocks, you will use MITC on the web to clock in and out as of Saturday 8/22.

3. For self-hired staff, continue to use EVERO.

4. Over the next several weeks, we will work together to configure the Paycom biometric devices. We will make certain to train supervisors and managers on how to properly capture staff’s fingerprints and upload them into Paycom.

5. Please use this time to set up Paycom Employee Self Service, verify your information and ensure we have accurate information.

a. Login to your CFS email account, to access your Paycom login credentials.

6. We will continue to provide you with updates, we apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this time.

Employee To-Do List:

1. Attend at least 1 Employee Training
2. Login to Paycom
a. If you’re on a computer, log in to → Login → Employee
3. Complete your Employee Verification Checklist by 08/21
4. Register your fingerprints with your managers if your locations are using the Fingerprint clocks!

Employee Training Video:

English: Password: PsU3Zg#X



Q) I received the paycom email but I am unable to log in (username password not correct). What do I do?

A) Make sure you are visiting, Log In as Employee.  The temporary usernames tend to have a ZERO not an O.  Try to copy and paste the temp username and password from the email to ensure it is accurate.  You will be asked to include the last 4 digits of your social security number as well.  

Q) How can I get to paycom?

A) You can use a web browser (ex Google Chrome) and visit WWW.PAYCOM.COM or you can visit our website and look for the Paycom shortcut.  You can also visit your google play or app store and download the Paycom App.

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