When the world slowed down, we did not. The Center for Family Support is marking ONE YEAR of Virtual Supports! On April 1, 2020, the first virtual workshop was held by connecting individuals and staff through ZOOM. Since that day, the Virtual Supports team has worked diligently to establish many creative groups that continue to be a staple in people’s lives. We are grateful to have the technology and the team that helps us all stay connected and support each of the individuals we work with — virtually.

The past year has brought together employees and service recipients from New York and New Jersey as well as various departments. Our wonderful facilitators have united with the common goal of providing meaningful services to anyone in need. Together they created a curriculum to meet the rising needs of others throughout the pandemic. We are so proud of the commitment from the attendees and facilitators, who continue to be the driving force behind our many workshops.

Virtual Supports has provided the opportunity for virtual learning and assisted in maintaining social connections which was monumental throughout this past year. Thank you to each person on the Virtual Support team for their hard work, including Rocio Abreu – Community Habilitation Direct Support Professional (DSP,) Merrill Brandt- Residence Manager, Nadine Daley – Director of Innovative Planning and Advocacy, Rosie David – Community Habilitation DSP, Rosemary Declaro – DSP Mentor, Deyanelin Galvez – DSP Mentor, Arnaldo Giraldo – Clinical Supervisor, Melissa Hanna – Community Habilitation DSP, Tamiko Hill & Julio Quinones – Community Habilitation Direct Support, Professional and Community Habilitation Service Recipients, Kristen Nelson – Community Habilitation Admin, Jim Noreiga – Chief Technology Officer, Cristina Perera – Clinical Specialist, Jen Pires – Innovative Planning Specialist, Debra Powers – Innovative Planning Specialist, Sunset Residence – Melvin, Randolph, Tamika, Jaquera, and Ivette, Yolanda Rodriguez – Community Habilitation DSP, Christopher Rooney & Marissa Rooney – Community Habilitation DSP and Community Habilitation Service Recipients, Tamara Rouse – Senior Residence Manager, Melissa Salmon – Innovative Planning Specialist, Linda Schellenberg – Director of Community Services, and Brittney Thompson – Behavior Intervention Specialist.

We are committed to continuing to provide the best possible support – virtually and in person – and will not be slowing down!

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