It’s Saturday, 12:30 in the afternoon, and you’re in Chuck E Cheese’s. You’re surrounded by singing robots, a bunch of beeping video games, and more children than you can count. But you feel right at home. You are Keith Myer.

Keith Myer is a young man with an infectious smile and an eye for detail. He has been living at the Center for Family Support NJ’s Somerset Group home since 2012 and attending our agency’s Hillsborough Autism Satellite Day Program since 2017. Keith pushed for this move on his own after hearing that our programs offered people help finding work.  

Work has always been important to Keith. He is a caring person, and a family man at heart. For years, Keith has prioritized generosity towards his loved ones such as his mom. He always felt that finding a job would give him the ability to do that even more. 

In addition to attending the recreational and educational activities offered at our Day Program, Keith poured hours of time and energy into attending our Pre-Vocational Skills classes. Once he felt ready, he approached our job development team with a clear vision in mind. He wanted to work where it would be active, he wanted to work where people were having fun, and if possible, he wanted to work with video games. 

In the spring of 2021 Keith went on many interviews and nailed every single one! Then, he was offered a position that checked all his boxes: Game attendant at Chuck E Cheese’s! 

Since Keith’s hiring, he has thrived at his job. He is proactive; if he sees something needs to be done, he takes care of it.  He shares the pride he has in his job with everyone he comes across.  So much so that Keith’s stories have inspired other people in the program to want jobs and follow in his footsteps.

Keith has taken charge of the vision he has for his life. He loves his home, his friends, and his career. His joyous outlook on life has inspired everyone around him. Today, on World Autism Day, we’re thrilled to shout out Keith, and his take charge attitude — and his success. We are fortunate to have him as a member of the CFS Family.