New York Programs and Services

In New York, we operate twenty-two group homes including supervised apartment living. In addition, we provide in-home services to families and case management support.

NY Residential Programs

We support 165 people throughout New York City’s five boroughs and Westchester County in various settings. Some people live in a group setting while others are better suited to live in their own apartments. We are committed to providing person centered supports with a focus on self-sufficiency and interdependence in a way that is unique to each person.

We also believe that people with varying abilities all share in the same desire to call a place home, to find work that’s meaningful and to be citizens who are valued and productive members in their communities. We work each day to help those we support fulfill those goals in life.

NY Services for Individuals with TBI

The Center for Family Support, Inc. provides a variety of services for individuals with traumatic brain injuries under the auspices of the NYS Department of Health. If you are interested in receiving these services, the point of entry for this program is through the Regional Resource Development Center. Click the button for a list of Regional Resource Development Centers in your area.
Regional Resource Development

Home and Community Support Staff (HCSS)
Home and Community Support Services (HCSS) are only appropriate when oversight and/or supervison is necessary as a discrete service to maintain the health and welfare of a participant living in the community. HCSS may also include personal care assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL). HCSS is not a companion service. The service must be provided under the direction and supervision of a Registered Professional Nurse (RN) based on an assessment of the individual’s needs and supported by physicians orders. Oversight and/or supervison is necessary to protect a cognitively impaired individual from adverse outcomes related to his/her activities (for example: wandering or leaving the stove on unattended). Oversight and/or supervision includes cueing, prompting, directing and instructing. If a participant’s need for oversight/supervision warrant HCSS during the night, the HCSS staff must remain awake throughout the duration of time assigned to the participant.

NY Community Services

The Center for Family Support, Inc. provides a variety of in home and community based services to individuals with developmental disabilities. All of the services indicated are provided under the auspices of The NYS Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).

As a result, all individuals seeking to receive services must meet the eligibility criteria which OPWDD has set forth. For more information on what information is needed to determine eligibility, please follow this link which will connect you with the OPWDD website – section for Eligibility Information:

After School Program
The Center for Family Support’s After School Program is located on Willowbrook Road near the New Springville section of Staten Island, this program is open to children, ages 6-12, who need extra support to succeed in their daily classroom setting. The After-School Program also provides respite for the children’s primary caregivers, in a warm and caring atmosphere. Children work on socialization skills, sensory play, and overall daily living skills in order to help them live a happy and independent life. We currently have 2 openings for our program. Please inquire with Community Support Supervisor Nancy Lombardo at

Day Habilitation Without Walls
This is a unique approach to a traditional program which offers individuals the opportunity to reach their fullest potential in an environment that is designed by them. The design and philosophy of the program focuses on the interests and strengths of each individual, while providing the support they need to succeed.

The program offers one to one staffing for an individualized experience. The day habilitation without walls staff provide support by teaching, assisting and encouraging growth and development in the individual’s community.

Supportive Employment
This program provides enhanced job coaching to individuals with developmental disabilities who are not eligible for ACCESS VR & OPWDD FUNDED supported employment. Job coaching staff can assist the individual with on the job training but also other supports including daily living skills, travel training and health and safety oversight. CLICK HERE to read the story of Joshua Baitz and how CFS employment staff helped him obtain work as an usher at Carnegie Hall through the Union.

Family Reimbursement
This program provides reimbursement to primary caregivers for goods and/or services not covered by any other source. This is provided to primary caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities who reside in their home. CLICK HERE for the Family Reimbursement Applications.

Family Support Case Management (Only Serves Long Island, Manhattan, & Queens)
This program offers short term case management for individuals with developmental disabilities who are not enrolled in Medicaid. Case Management staff provide advocacy, linkage/referral, monitoring and follow-up to ensure that supports and services are provided to the individual including assistance with applying for Medicaid. For more information, contact Natasha Salazar at or 516-292-3000, ext. 401.

Fiscal Intermediary/FI

This program provides administrative and billing support to people who choose to self-direct throughout New York. FI responsibilities are providing support in background checks for self-hired staff, billing Medicaid and/or New York State for services within a person’s budget, paying staff, tracking expenditures, and providing monthly statements to the person receiving services.

In Home Services

Community Habilitation
This program provides in-home support from our residential habilitation specialists by teaching functional skills to individuals with developmental disabilities who reside in the community. Supervisory staff work with individuals and their circle of support members to develop a personal centered habilitation plan which identifies the goal and outcomes that the residential habilitation staff will focus on.

Home Care
This program offers in home support from our home care staff to assist individuals with home care tasks including but not limited to: daily living skills, meal preparation, light housework, traveling and shopping. This program is available to individuals that do not qualify for other home care programs and who do not have Medicaid.

Individual Supports and Services
This program provides individuals with developmental disabilities a housing subsidy which enables them to live independently in the community. CFS provides wrap-around staff services to meet the individuals’ needs as well.

Parent Training
This program offers in home support from our parent training staff to parents with developmental disabilities or parents with children with developmental disabilities. Our parent training staff provide skills training on parenting skills.

This program offers in home short term relief to individuals with developmental disabilities who reside at home with family members. We also provide for individuals who have significant behavioral challenges.

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