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In New Jersey, The Center for Family Support residential program operates nineteen group homes and one supervised apartment. We also have three day habilitation programs, providing services to individuals with special needs, including those on the Autism spectrum.

Residential Program

The Center for Family Support of New Jersey operates nineteen (19) group homes and one supportive apartment. We serve individuals in the following counties: Bergen, Essex, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset and Union. Our group homes are intentionally small, ensuring personal attention, with an average of four to five individuals in each home. They are staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, providing individuals with the structure, guidance and care they need. Each home provides a safe and nurturing environment in which individuals assist with the upkeep of the house, socialize with their housemates, participate in recreational outings, learn how to access the community, and develop skills necessary for independent living.

When placing a family member and loved one in a residence, we try to match individuals with similar interests and capabilities, forming a unique family in each home. While we encourage independence and present opportunities for the individuals to participate in the community at large through employment, recreational and educational activities, we also provide structure and guidance. The group home atmosphere provides a learning environment in which individuals share, compromise and respect each other. Acting as advocates for many of our group home individuals, CFS staff may help to develop service plans and may help to place these adults in day programs or find appropriate jobs within the community.

Day Program

CFS operates three community-based Day Programs: The Hackensack Day Program; The Union Autism Day Program and the Hillsborough Day Program and Autism Program Satellite. These programs meet five days per week in relaxed and supportive environments in which small groups of people with intellectual and development disabilities can develop the social and living skills that lead to greater independence and self-esteem. Participants enjoy a varied day, often making choices about how they choose to spend it. We are also certified providers of Career Planning, Supported Employment and Pre-Vocational services and can help our participants take the next steps necessary to achieve gainful employment.

Our day programs encourage the personal development of individuals through meaningful and productive work, which provides a unique opportunity for an individual to integrate into society, develop a sense of independence, communicate effectively, and experience the satisfaction of a job well-done. We incorporate creative solutions and opportunities for the participants at each of our programs, that will broaden their talents and life experiences. Staff members act as mentors, job coaches, counselors, and friends — working with each person to keep them challenged each day.

At the Center for Family Support NJ we are here to help people live, work and thrive as active members of their community.

To learn more about vacancies in our Day Program, please contact Gavin Gear, Assistant Director of Day Services at (201) 678-0370.

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