In January 2020, Louis was offered a job at the store, Marshalls, in New York. He had previously interned at Marshalls and was happy to be in a familiar environment. But within a few weeks, cases of Covid19 were popping up across New York. In March, Louis completed his orientation. The very next day, the Marshalls store in New Rochelle was shut down – New Rochelle had become an epicenter of the virus.

Though Louis was incredibly disappointed, he didn’t give up. He continued to participate in CFS’s SEMP (Supported Employment) program, and prepared himself for the new normal, with the support of his family. Louis learned all the Covid19 protocols, and in July, started work! He is now working every day. He received an outstanding performance review, but most importantly, he loves his job! We are proud to have walked with Louis on his road to employment!

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