Joshua Baitz is a recipient of Employment services through The Center for Family Support (CFS). This past July, Joshua expressed an interest to work within the music and art field. Joshua is highly cultured and appreciates music, composing and educating others on this subject.

While working with Cristina Perera, CFS Clinical Specialist, it became evident the tremendous knowledge and passion Joshua has for the fine arts. His father teaches as well as composes music and Carnegie Hall was frequently mentioned by the family.

While on her way to another potential job site, Cristina walked by Carnegie Hall and immediately thought of Josh. She was given the contact for Human Resources and within a week Joshua was hired at Carnegie Hall as an usher through the Union! Carnegie Hall staff have been very welcoming and easy to work with. They advocated for Union approval to allow Joshua to have someone with him at the job until he feels he is ready. Joshua is happy to be part of the Union and earning a paycheck for himself. His confidence builds daily. A true success story!

The Center for Family Support is very proud of you Josh!