Jack recently turned 40 – a big event for all of us. He’s one of our advocates living at Cary Avenue, one of CFS’ Residences in Staten Island. Tamara is the CFS Residence Manager where Jack lives and has been working with Jack since 2017. When Tamara realized Jack’s 40th birthday was coming up, she decided it was time for a party!

Jack is an avid seafood lover. He particularly loves shrimp. And, of course, velvet cake is his favorite dessert. So, the preparations began.

Tamara booked a party at Sammy’s Restaurant, one of the more popular seafood restaurants in City Island, Bronx, NY. Then, she booked a bus to ferry the party over to Sammy’s! But it wasn’t any ordinary bus. No, Jack rode in style! Check out the pictures to see the limo-style Mercedes van taken by Earl of takeurpicstudios (www.takeurpic.com), who happens to be Tamara’s husband.

On that special day, Jack woke up, drank some iced coffee (a large from Dunkin Donuts), and dressed up to the nines in a new suit that Tamara had tailored to fit for the upcoming festivities. He loved the music-filled, festive bus ride to City Island with many of his birthday party guests. According to Tamara and the guests, Jack partied like a rock star, and according to Jack, he “danced until his pants fell down!

The guest list was very special for Jack. Among the many who showed up to the party was Jack’s family, foster family, godmother, Tamara, Barbara Greenwald, CFS’ Chief Operating Officer, Avery, CFS Senior Manager, Gigi and Jasmine, two CFS assistant managers, Joseph Reyes, CFS Assistant Director, and many of Jack’s friends and peers from the house. Many of them surprised Jack because as Tamara said, “They really love you.”

What also made Jack’s day was seeing his brother, who lives in Long Island, and his godmother, who came all the way from Mount Vernon for the party –  he had been missing them very much. He loved being with all his loved ones – his family inside and outside CFS – the trip to City Island, the bus ride, the restaurant, food, dessert, and all the festivities in between.

Earl (Tamara’s husband) took photos, and Jack plans on picking the photos himself for his 40th Birthday Album, which he wants to share with all of us.

For Tamara, seeing Jack enjoy himself so much on that very special day, seeing him dancing, and having so much fun with his family and friends was one of the highlights of her many years at CFS.

Of course, Jack is already planning for next year’s birthday! Which Tamara has promised will be special.

Thank you, Tamara, for doing what you do and for making Jack’s 40th a grand day full of love, fun, and celebration.

And, Jack, HAPPY 40th and thank you for being who you are. You are so loved.