Dear Agencies and Supporters of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities,

This year is a big year for voting, and we want to make sure that the people you serve get the opportunity and support they might need to cast their vote.

Together with Disability Rights New York, OPWDD, the Board of Elections, the League of Women Voters, and self advocates across New York State, the Self Advocacy Association of NYS has created some documents, videos, and meeting opportunities to share with support staff and people that you serve.

We know these are trying times, and getting a vote in this year has more barriers than ever for people who rely on others for everyday support. We are looking for your support as management to promote in your agency the idea of staff and the people they serve making a plan ahead of time to get their vote in, and making sure they have the correct information to do so. We hope that these documents will assist in that effort.

We encourage posting them, reviewing them at meetings, and disseminating them in the way that works best for your organization.

All of these, along with new materials as they are developed, can also be found on our website:

Thank you in advance for your support.

BJ Stasio,
SANYS President