Here come the holidays! It should be a time for joy, delicious foods, and “Ho ho hos.” But sometimes the holidays can lead to “Uh ohs.” This year, with the rising spread of the Omicron strain of the Covid virus, there is even more stress as families navigate vaccinations, booster shots, social distancing, travel, and of course, the balancing act to keep everyone healthy, safe, and happy.

But here’s some help. Bethesda Lutheran Communities offers 9 useful and pretty easy tips — well, except perhaps “schedule, schedule, schedule,” a tip that the pandemic has made a particular challenge — on how we can better enjoy the holidays with our loved ones with #disabilities. The holidays can get hectic and while most of these tips seem intuitive, it’s always good to be reminded of how important it is to slow down, prioritize, and enjoy these wonderful moments as best we can. We especially love tip number 1: Talk to your loved one. Involving family members and friends who experience disabilities as you plan activities is so important so that they know what the plans are, and can express what they might enjoy or what might be particularly difficult. In fact, this tip is one for all-time  — not just the holidays.