Barbara Vanzile, who resides in our Elmwood Park group home, celebrated her 60th Birthday on December 23, 2018. Barbara moved into this home in May of 2004 and has loved the family she has been a part of and the many other relationships she has formed since that time. Barbara enjoys working on puzzles, watching TV, going to the mall, and going out to restaurants with her staff and peers in her home.

Barbara lived at home until both her parents passed away. Barbara attended school in Butler and also attended the Abilities Training Center in Phillipsburg. Both were positive experiences and she very much enjoyed the socialization and friendships she established while attending these programs.

Barbara now attends the Center for Family Support Hackensack Day Program five days a week. Every morning she looks forward to getting up, getting ready, and heading out to this program to participate in various employment and educational activities. When Barbara comes home from program, she always tells staff that “They want me to come back tomorrow” referring to the Day Program wanting her to come back the next day and staff would smile and agree that this would be a positive thing to do.

Barbara has had some significant health issues in the past, but is doing quite well at this time. The support from her staff and housemates in the group home has helped her through some difficult times. Barbara’s housemates appreciate the love, warmth, and friendship she brings to the home.