Geraldine Hochstein receives the service of Medicaid Coordination in Long Island, New York. In July 2016, she went through the Personal Outcome Measures process and identified some focus areas to work towards with her support team. During the interview, Geraldine was able to express some of her wants and desires for different areas of her life, one being her close relationship with her boyfriend Michael Plum.

With the help of her team Geraldine was able to determine that she wanted an Anniversary party to celebrate her love and commitment with Michael. Her sister and advocate, Sandy Hochstein, immediately went to work on organizing an Anniversary party to fill this dream of Geraldine’s. Exactly one year later, after a lot of planning, Geraldine and Michael were able to celebrate their long-time relationship and 65th birthdays together. The party was filled with old and new circle of support members as well as close family and friends.

The Center for Family Support would like to acknowledge and commend this wonderful commitment of love that Geraldine and Michael share.

Cheers to 37 years of love and all the best wishes to many many more, from your CFS Family!