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Fulfillment awaits you as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) in the Developmental Disabilities field!

It takes a truly special person to be a great Direct Support Professional: you must be passionate about helping others, dedicated to protecting a person’s rights, and—most of all—willing to offer true, genuine friendship, through good times, bad times, laughter, and shared experiences. Far too many developmentally disabled individuals are held back by the lack of a solid support system, and as a DSP, you can change that.

DSPs should be strong, compassionate individuals with a dedication to creating a better world for others, through both full-time and part-time positions available in our programs.

As a Direct Support Professional, no two days are totally alike. But each day is sure to include the following:

Form real, genuine friendships with those you support. Respect their dignity, get to know them, know what they like (or don’t like). The best way to promote positive social skills is by setting a good example.

Assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). These include bathing, grooming, walking, and/or eating, depending on the individual(s) you support.

Support independence. Sometimes this means driving individuals to their job, or helping them apply to jobs. Other times, it involves helping them learn to balance a checkbook. You can help them volunteer for their community, use public transportation, attend concerts they enjoy, or cook the foods they like. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Advocate. The people we support face many challenges, and lots of prejudices. You must be the one to stand up for them. Make the difference. As a DSP, you will get to know those you support. You will get to know their family. You can change their lives for the better, in a very real way.

If you want to make a real, positive difference in people’s lives, being a DSP will allow you to do that. Everything you do as a DSP will have a major impact on those you support. If you want to see real, positive results in your work, this is your calling.

If the following descriptions sound like you, contact us:

You enjoy helping people. You like solving problems. You want your work to be valued, important, and to improve the world.

You think on your feet. When situations happen, you react quickly. You’re open to workplace situations that may constantly be changing, but respectful when a client needs consistency.

You’re compassionate. You’re kind. You have a warm, friendly approach. You’re also open-minded, and able to speak up for those who might not be able to speak up for themselves.

Core Competencies:

1. Help the people we support to have meaningful lives. Listen to their dreams and help them learn skills to live the lives they choose.

2. Help each individual to tell us what is important to them and important for them. Involve them in activities that match their interests, gifts and plans.

3. Help individuals we support learn how to form and continue positive relationships with people in their community.

4. Respect the rights of the people we support and teach them to speak up for themselves.
5. Use the person-centered philosophy throughout the day. Use each moment as a teachable moment.

6. Get to know the individual by listening to him or her. Read the record and share your observations with other members of the team.

7. Do not share information about the people we support with anyone other than members of the team.

8. Show a positive attitude toward work and others.

9. Protect the health of the people you support. This may include giving medication, following doctor’s orders, going on medical appointments and/or seeking emergency medical care when necessary.

10. Join with other team members in the development of the service plan and carry out all parts for which you are responsible.

11. Protect the safety of the people you support by providing the level of supervision described in the person’s service plan and by reporting to your supervisor any potentially dangerous situations.

12. Communicate important information to your supervisor and other members of the team.

13. Record all information required for the job duties in an accurate and timely fashion.

14. Follow all agency procedures regarding incident reporting and reporting possible abuse. Cooperate during investigations and inspections.

15. Be polite and professional when talking to all others.

16. Follow all agency policies, procedures and rules of conduct.

17. Attend and participate in all scheduled trainings and meetings as requested by supervisor.

18. Perform other job-related duties as assigned by your supervisor(s).

A NY/NJ Driver’s License is a must for residential positions. A high school diploma or GED is required. If you have some background in healthcare or human services, that is definitely a plus.

We have full-time AND part-time positions, at $15 an hour, for our Community programs (Comm Hab, Day Hab, Homecare, Respite, TBI) and our Residential (group home) programs. We want to know your story. We want to hear your passion. We want you. Apply today.



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