At The Center for Family Support (CFS), we have so many valuable and dedicated Direct Support Professionals, that it is an honor to recognize them for their greatness. One remarkable story we would like to share, is that of DSP Damon Postell. Damon has been a conscientious worker for 12 years, during which time his efforts and dedication to the people we support have been well noted. Damon was also previously recognized as Employee of the Month (nominated 4 times in total).

CQL TrainingDamon has had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Lenin. Lenin used to be a man of few words. He was not very comfortable expressing himself, especially not out loud and/or publicly. Lenin had difficulties with interacting and socializing with others, yet as per his Personal Outcome Measures® interview findings, this was one of his biggest desires. With that information, we were able to understand outcomes and strategies to enhance his Self, his World, and his Dreams. READ MORE HERE