We are so proud that our CEO, Steven Vernikoff, is on Crain’s 2021 list of Notables in Nonprofits and Philanthropy – a celebration of 57 New York heroes who facilitated or led nonprofit work in the face of the pandemic. In compiling it, Crain’s Custom sought to highlight a cohort of individuals whose fundraising, volunteer work, program management and other charitable efforts enabled New Yorkers to navigate a once-in-a-generation emergency. Indeed, the honorees have greatly helped the city emerge from a ravaging pandemic scathed but intact.

To find these individuals, Crain’s consulted with trusted sources in the nonprofit and philanthropy realms and in the New York City business world. Crain’s carefully vetted the nominations, which individuals and companies in the area submitted. Ultimately, all of the honorees who made the list were chosen for their efforts to help New Yorkers ride out the upheaval wrought by Covid-19.