In December a Personal Outcome Measure interview was conducted with Marion. Marion expressed that she loves living in her current home and has lived there for twenty years with CFS supports. Marion is a sweet caring woman. She enjoys singing and dancing and being in the company of others. She always brings a smile to everyone’s face with her bubbly personality.

During Marion’s interview, Marion expressed that she hasn’t had much communication with her family. Marion said that she didn’t care, but the disappointment was evident on her face.   The staff got to work right away reaching out to last known phone contacts.  Several games of phone tag later, with the determination from her Staff, they were able to connect Marion with her Family.

Marion along with staff went to visit her brother in upstate NY. Marion is from Italian descent and her family showered her with love, fun family games, and food. Marion was smiling from ear to ear. Marion met family that she hadn’t seen in years and was introduced to family she never met.

Marion couldn’t wait to share her experience with friends and staff. Her joy is indescribable.

Marion’s family also expressed that they will make time to spend with Marion more often and thanked staff for reconnecting the family.