Donna Vandyke has been with The Center for Family Support since 2001. She began working as a DSP at the Lincoln Park group home and was promoted to Group Home Manager for the Nutley group in 2007.

Throughout the years Donna has continuously demonstrated her dedication to the individuals she supports. Donna helps them to recognize their abilities and to maximize their achievements by encouraging them to build self-confidence and lead meaningful lives. Donna works independently, maintains routines and is flexible in order to provide the best services possible to the residents in her group home. Donna is flexible and will quickly rearrange her schedule in order to get the work done. She is reliable and often takes on additional responsibilities in order to assist her peers and supervisors. Besides maintaining her manager responsibilities at the Nutley group home, Donna supervises an In-home services program and is often praised by the family who receives services at that program for her dedication and support.

Donna also assisted with two additional group homes that had manager vacancies by being on-call among other responsibilities, requiring for Donna to report to two supervisors for each respective group home, she did this for several months, all while preparing for licensing and maintaining her own group home’s routine, she has shown great dedication and positive demeanor, adapting to changes in work assignments in order to achieve the team’s goals.

Donna serves as a positive role model and has shown that she is a reliable member of the team.