On May 15th, 2019, Residence Managers Carolyn Giambastiani and Richard Boampong, and Assistant Residence Manager Selima Landrau attended a job fair at the College of New Rochelle to identify and recruit qualified candidates to work for CFS, as well as making the public aware of CFS and its mission.

 The event was titled “Hire Westchester 2019 Multi-School Alumni Career Fair” and it is organized annually by Hire Talent Inc. with the aim of connecting employers with qualified job seekers, especially new college graduates.

CFS was one of about 40 government, private, and non-profit organizations and agencies who were in attendance with the sole goal of expanding their workforce.

The team from CFS did a great job selling CFS to job seekers and managed to identify several potential candidates who possessed impressive qualifications and extensive experience in the DD field.

The team passed on the shortlisted candidates to the HR department in order for the selected candidates to be contacted for the next step in the hiring process.