March is an important month marking both Developmental Disabilities Awareness and Women’s History. At CFS, both of these areas come together under the theme “Choose to Challenge” (the theme for International Women’s Day this year.)  

With#ChooseToChallenge we want to cast a light on all who experience disability, especially women, and the ways they “choose to challenge” so that they are recognized, seen, and celebrated. 

We invite you to join us on social media and share with us how you, your loved one, or someone you know or work with “chooses to challenge.” You can post on our Facebook page, or respond with a comment to our Instagram, and Twitter posts on this campaign. Just make sure to use #ChooseToChallenge and tag CFSNY! We will re-share and re-post.

How you #ChooseToChallenge can take many shapes – from calling out stereotypes or stigma to challenging yourself to achieve a small goal. For example, at CFS, we #ChooseToChallenge ourselves to find new and better ways to support individuals to live the lives they want. Sometimes this means adapting our work to individuals’ needs, sometimes it’s as simple as listening more carefully to what the person is expressing as a need. 

Thank you for joining our effort to raise visibility for our community!