Early in the pandemic several individuals that CFS supports joined up to form the CFS Poetry Club. Every other week for two years, the Club has met on Zoom with CFS staff from the Innovative Planning Department to share their creative work, collaborate with one another, and connect with participants from a variety of programs and residences. Over the last four months, with COVID restrictions being relaxed, the club has expanded to include photography.

The club is excited to share their latest collaborative poem “May” to describe the season of Spring. When describing Spring, the club discussed new life, changing weather and blooming flowers. Animals, plants, and people all experience various changes within this season. The club felt the picture displayed, of a Cherry Blossom tree, was a good representation of it all. In writing this poem, we focused on our five senses; sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste. The Poetry and Photography Club hope with their descriptive words and photo you can envision a sweet piece of Spring.


 Spring brings joy, laughter and happiness.
I watch birds finding worms in the dirt for their newly hatched chicks.
I listen to the rain fueling flower-beds with blossoming flowers.
I smell the fresh air of family BBQ’s from my backyard.
I taste the fresh vegetables from my garden and share with friends & family.
I rake with my hands, the leaves that have fallen and admire the green trees prospering.
Spring brings life, sweet beauty, and days filled with fun!