A few years ago, Veronica and her 21-year-old daughter, Jackie, were living in a small, crowded apartment in a neighborhood in the Bronx. That’s when the Center for Family Support (CFS) started advocating for Veronica and Jackie. Today their life is vastly improved.

“CFS has changed my life,” explained Veronica. “They helped us find a new home and then move to this new location. Together, we shopped for furniture and soon our apartment became a real home,” she continued. Today, mother and daughter live in a bright, clean apartment in an area where they can take a walk, attend community events, and become part of a neighborhood.

Both Veronica and Jackie receive services from The Center for Family Support, (CFS) a non-profit in the NY and NJ metropolitan area that assists individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live meaningful lives through individualized services.  Each has mild intellectual disabilities and Jackie has a hearing impairment.

With support from CFS professionals, Veronica learned to make yellow rice and sausage, which Jackie has labeled as her favorite meal.  Lydia, Veronica’s Community Habilitation specialist, has also taught her how to make many tasty meals, and how to make a list and then shop for the ingredients.  

Veronica recalls Jackie’s first steps and her first word, “Mama” with pride.  She is grateful for the gentle supports that Center for Family Support provides and feels CFS has changed their lives for the better.

In addition to daily household responsibilities, Jackie and Veronica care for their two parakeets, Zach and Weezy, named after characters in a show, Dragon Tails.  They also love to watch ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as Jackie loves to sing and dance. And they love to shop together, be it food, or clothing, or items for their apartment.  Their new neighborhood provides outlets for all of these activities in a safe environment that they can navigate on their own.

Because of CFS, Veronica and Jackie are living the life they have chosen for themselves as independent adults.  “I think that is what life is all about.  Being able to find joy in the little things and sharing them with someone as special as your daughter,” said Veronica.  “CFS has helped me to do this and I am very grateful to everyone for their support and caring.”

As we approach Mother’s Day, CFS is celebrating all the mothers we support in our programs, like Veronica. You can make a gift in honor of these mothers with support of our 21st Annual Golf Outing, just a week after Mother’s Day.