The Advocacy Group has begun a Pen Pal Gratitude activity, Staff of the Center For Family Support were overwhelmingly nominated to receive our 2nd letter of good vibes and gratitude. Each Advocate in their own words composed this letter.

Johnny – Thank you to everyone involved with CFS from Administrators to Zoom Facilitators. A special thanks to staff at Hackensack, Hillsboro, and Union Day program.

Hope – Thank you for being available and holding Zoom meetings and for helping Advocates. I will miss one of my favorite online activities “the coffee clutch” I have now returned to work.

Kasheena – CFS thank you for helping me change my life. Thanks for introducing me to self-advocacy and becoming an advocate board member, I am happy about this journey that I am on.

Rodist – Thank you to the staff at Lincoln, Manhattan, Bronx, and all offices for working thru this time. Thank you for helping me connect with my friends and family through Zoom supports. Thank you
for the Praise Zoom Supports.

Theresa – Thank you to all staff at CFS for all you do. You have helped me have a lot of fun things to do during the pandemic.

Thank you. Warm regards,
The Positive Vibes Advocates