Below is an Important ‘Action Alert’ From the New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation.

Please Contact the Governor to Oppose the 20% Withhold of I/DD Funding

THE ISSUE: The NYS Division of Budget (DOB) has directed state agencies to withhold 20% of funding to providers for certain non-Medicaid programs.

THE ADVOCACY: Please contact the Governor by telephone to let him know you oppose the withholds because of the potential devastating impact this action will have on the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

PHONE CALLS: To contact the Governor’s Office, call (518) 474-1041 and leave this message:

“The recent directive by the Division of Budget to withhold 20% of State-only, non-Medicaid funds to providers will potentially hurt people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by putting certain necessary services in jeopardy. Please direct DOB to reverse the decision on the 20% withhold. Thank you, Governor.”