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The Center for Family Support, Inc. (CFS) is a not-for-profit human service agency that provides individualized support services and programs for individuals living with developmental disabilities, and for the families that care for them.

At the core of our mission is the concept of personal choice. We work closely with participants, tailoring our programs to accommodate individual needs, preferences and goals. We continually monitor progress, adjusting individual services and care plans to accommodate change and growth.

Our reach extends throughout New York City’s five boroughs, Westchester County, and Long Island in the State of New York and throughout the State of New Jersey.


CFS began providing Fiscal Intermediary Services for individuals choosing Self-Directed Services. We currently support 40 individuals in the New York City region as the Fiscal Intermediary and another 40 individuals as the Broker in New York City and Long Island region.

May 9

Richmond Hill Residential home opens.


The Center for Family Support received Accreditation from the Council on Quality and Leadership, the first agency of its kind in the New York City metropolitan area to achieve this status.

June 30

A Residential Home opens in Morristown, NJ.

August 10

King Apartments opens.

December 1

Friendly Towers opens.

April 4

Cary Avenue Residential Home opens.

August 4

The Balmoral Home opens.

CFS began providing Broker services to help individuals to access Self Determination. We supported one of the first individuals in our region, Mandy, in what was a pilot project and over the years, it became a Medicaid funded Waiver service.

July 25

The Twain Home opens.

Bloomfield, NJ Residential Home opens.

September 8

Lincoln Park, NJ Residential Home opens.


A facility opens in Roselle Park, NJ (now the Union Day Program), a multi-county program serving individuals on the autistic spectrum.


A Day Program opens in Bound Brook, NJ (now the Hillsborough Day Program).

Opening of the Autism Center in NJ.

January 8

Broadway Residential Home opens.

July 7

New Milford, NJ Residential Home opens.

August 23

Underhill Residential Home opens.

January 20

First Residential Home in New Jersey was opened in Elmwood Park, NJ.

April 27

Clifton, NJ Residential Home opens.


Hackensack, NJ Day Program opens.

May 11

Somerset, NJ Residential Home opens.

October 27

Somerville, NJ Residential Home opens.

February 28

Arlington/Cypress Hill Residential Home opens.

April 1

Cambria Heights Residential Home opens.

June 23

Bryant Avenue Residential Home opens.

March 6

Sunset Park Residential Home opens.

June 30

Simpson Street Residential Home opens.

June 30

Kelly Tower Residential opens.

July 8

First Residential Home in New York was opened in Crotona, located in Bronx, NY.

December 1

Foch Residential Home opens.

Steven Vernikoff becomes Executive Director.

December 11

The Center for Family Support becomes the new name of the organization.

Dorothy Moxley joins the Board as a respite volunteer and a member of the events committee. During this time, the agency held three unique events: Roman Revel, which was held at the new Citicorp building in Manhattan and featured guests in toga costumes; a second event that honored Carlton Barney, a famous decorator, held at the former Sotherby’s location; and a Texas-themed event, held at The Lone Star Café, complete with cowboy hats, boots, line dancing and the Texas two-step.

September 20

The Beatles performed at The New Paramount Theater. News stories from the evening reported that The Beatles performed for no fee at this charity concert. It was the last date of their first full US tour. There were 3,682 people in attendance. Ed Sullivan paid a backstage visit to The Beatles, and Gloria Steinem was reporting for Cosmopolitan magazine.

Parents who were looking for in-home assistance as an alternative to institutional placement for their family members with developmental disabilities founded The Retarded Infants Services. The agency provided respire services in New York City primarily for families with children with developmental disabilities.


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